Our Story

Animal Hope in Legislation was founded through the advocacy work done by Animal Hope and Wellness, learning in time that legislation is necessary to bring about true change. While the saving of individual lives is always important, it is legislation that makes a broader impact.  We enact laws that work to protect animals, giving people a framework from which to live within - teaching them to be more compassionate.



Founder of Animal Hope in Legislation, Marc has gone undercover into hundreds of slaughterhouses, documenting to raise awareness about specific animal issues - rescuing where he can.

He is the founder of  the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, a non-profit known for its work in the Dog Meat Trade.  Marc has used the footage documented in fur farms, animal testing laboratories, and slaughterhouses, to push for change and bring about animal welfare reform.


veronica rafkind - DIRECTOR of PUBLIC POLICY

Veronica is a life-long animal lover.  She is passionate about advocating for people and animals and has worked to better domestic workers rights in the U.S., advocating at local and state levels and worked with schools in Costa Rica to better children's welfare.  

After moving from NY to LA,  she started volunteering at Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.   She has gone from working in the corporate world to getting back to her roots- working to better the lives of  those who cannot speak for themselves.  Veronica earned a B.A. in Poetry and Politics from New York University's Gallatin School, and a J.D. from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.